I began my 'Boot Camp' journey as someone who was so far out of shape I was embarrassed - but knew I needed the motivation and structure - and here I am one year later and loving it! I still don't consider myself 'in shape', rather I'm on a journey to exercise and health. Before Boot Camp, I would easily get winded and the simple task of yard work would get me down with back pain. Now, I get winded, but with more strenuous activity (plus my recovery time is less) and back pain is history! Being a Boot Camper has been the key to getting me interested in exercise and I actually now enjoy it!
-Mary Jo, Boot Camp and City of Independence Fitness
You don't know how much you have helped me and how nice it is having you all as supporters. You are a truly talented trainer and a very kind person. Thanks for all of your support.
-Amy, Boot Camp, City of Independence Fitness, Personal Training and Running Club
When I first met Heather a year and a half ago, I was extremely out of shape and in need of help. With Heather’s guidance I was able to lose 75 pounds and am now in the best shape of my life. I am able to accomplish things I never thought my body could handle, such as running a 10k. I look forward to every boot camp session knowing I am going to get a good workout. I also like that each session is different and we never do the same thing twice. I am forever grateful to Heather for showing me that working out can be fun and helping me get started on my new lifestyle.
-Natalie, Boot Camp, City of Independence Fitness, Personal Training and Running Club
Heather, I can tell you work so hard preparing for every boot camp session!  You always give us 100%.  I really, really, really, appreciate it!! And I'm sure the others do too!
-Andrea, Boot Camp and Running Club
I am a 48 year old out of shape useless lump that hates exercise and especially going to gyms....not my thing! I never did learn to run or jog and never wanted to. My friend invited me to join Arlinghaus Bootcamp and she herself is in great shape and goes to the gym all the time. Sooooo, I said ok I will try it. Well turns out I LOVE IT! I am growing stronger week by week and challenging myself to do better and yes....also trying to run. I still have a long way to go but I am sticking with it and determined to get to the point of being able to run a complete mile without stopping. If I can do this so can you. Along with watching my food intake and what I eat and doing the Boot Camp...I have lost 18 pounds and feel much better. Thank you Heather for the training and thank you to my Friend Rhonda for getting me goin'!
-Susan Chard, Boot Camp and City of Independence Fitness
Every session is different!  I love that because I never get bored.
-Joyce, Boot Camp and City of Independence Fitness
I just finished my first 5K and am registered for the Rascal 5k in Newport on July 17th!!!!!!! Thanks  Heather for training me!! I didn't think I would ever run a race, now I'm addicted!!!
-Amber, Boot Camp, Personal Training and City of Independence Fitness
People tell you 'thanks' pretty often, but you will never get a bigger THANKS than mine.  The silver sneakers sessions I've had with you are now proving invaluable!  Both knowledge of how various muscles work and the general conditioning is helping me so much here at physical rehabilitation.  My therapist has mentioned again and again how much my condition and general muscle tone is helping me as I learn to walk again.
-Sedge, Silver Sneakers